5 Make-up Mistakes When Using Glasses

My Best Tips - Not that because you use glasses so forget daub of makeup for the eyes . Eyes still have to use eyeliner and mascara . Even so there is little berpedaan make-up techniques for women who wear glasses with a no.

Do not let the use of make - up is not quite right makes you look so strange . The following errors when using make- up glasses , told Beauty High .

1 . Dark eyeshadow

Avoid using eyeshadow colors are too dark . That's because it will make your eyeballs are not visible . Choose bright eyeshadow colors for the eyes look more open .

2 . Not curl Eyelash

Many people who use glasses to avoid pinching lashes and use mascara . Make eyelashes with a tapering pinned , then use mascara . Make sure you waterproof mascara and stick perfectly , if the glass will not stain .

3 . Masakara in Bottom Lash

When using the glasses , your eyes look so tired when using mascara to the bottom lashes . Should avoid the use of mascara to lower lashes if you do not want to look puffy eyes and dark circles effects .

4 . Uses Eyeliner

When you wear glasses may still use eyeliner , but consider again the shape of your frame . If your frame is thin and small , use a slightly thicker eyeliner . But if you already thick frame glasses , a thin eyeliner should pulaskanlah .

5 . Not Using Eyebrow

Not to forget the eyebrows . Formed eyebrows neat and still be highlighted while using glasses . It does not matter if you want to add more concentrated brow eyebrow pencil. http://beautynaturali.com/

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