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Technical Countouring Face Make-up style with Kim Kardashian

Artikel terkait : Technical Countouring Face Make-up style with Kim Kardashian

kim kardashian

Kim Kardashian always looks fresh -faced and gaunt . It was all thanks to make-up contouring techniques that can camouflage pudgy cheeks .

" First of all I use foundation all over the face . Then membedakinya , then I use a concealer . Then I mengontur face from the cheeks , chin and forehead using a finger , " said Kim .

Mengontur face usually using a special product called countouring kit . Contouring kit shaped like a brown solid powder . Choose products with color contour two older levels of the original color of the skin . If you do not have the product , can use color powder , foundation or blush color dark brown .

According to Terri Apanasewicz , make- up artist Mila Kunis and Gisele Bundchen , the important thing now is the contour technique daub foundation , concealer , powder and highlighter perfectly . Quoted Beauty High , pulaskan contouring product with a foundation brush under the cheekbones .

If the color is too different from the skin color and the line is too firm , pulaskan powder to soften the look . Then apply blush-on pink or peach Tulas right cheek contour and greed to the limit earlier .

One thing that is important is to give highlights on the face . Highlighter not only to give a glowy effect on the face , but also includes the bones of the face , making the face slimmer.

Dab highlighter on top of cheekbones and the middle area of ​​the nose . If you do not have a product highlighter can use white or silver eyeshadow color that has shimmer

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