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Do not Hesitate To Parted if a Man Do This

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Do not Hesitate To Parted if a Man Do This

In a love affair , couples do need to tolerate a number of things , such as bad behavior that you may not like. But the bad behavior of some men , there is you do not have to tolerate .

What are the attitudes of men that you should not hesitate to break up the love when he started doing it ? Here are six things lover of bad behavior you should be sure that it is just to end the romance with him :

1 . violence

Violence is the wrong attitude and is not acceptable , even if performed by a highly lover you love . Someone who commit violence on their partners unfit forgiven and given a second chance , both men and women . If couples do violence to you then do not think twice about leaving .

2 . affair

There are some couples reconnect though never cheated , but actually a couple who had an affair does not deserve to be given a second chance . If the spouse is having an affair , it will be difficult for you to believe that the he will not cheat again in the future .

3 . Verbal attacks
Although the result was not as severe as physical attacks , but verbal attacks can disrupt your mental state . If he often yell at , berate or belittle you then it is a sign that he is not the right guy .

4 . Flirting
In fact , men are attracted to beautiful women and vice versa . But if your partner often flirting to another woman , you must immediately stop . Flirting with another woman while he holds the status as your lover , it means the man does not appreciate you as a partner .

5 . You stay away from Family
If a partner makes you become distant with family or relatives , then it is time you left him . Usually when the couple intend to keep you from family or friends , he 'll do it without you knowing it . As you are aware , immediately desist loving relationship with him . While still dating , family is definitely much more important than your relationship with him . Especially if you've had no problems with the family . Family is what always the first to help you in times of trouble .

6 . lie
Little lies like praising your clothes so that you are happy still acceptable . But if he is lying about the whereabouts or his past , then it is no longer acceptable .

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