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EE Cream, Will the is More a Phenomenal Than BB Cream?

Artikel terkait : EE Cream, Will the is More a Phenomenal Than BB Cream?

EE Cream, Will the is More a Phenomenal Than BB Cream?

My Best Tips - Many people who have already guessed that there would be a product called EE cream , cream after DD release last May in America . Later , beauty products using two letters are indeed more and more popping up in the cosmetic industry . It stems from the emergence of BB cream , then there is CC cream .

Sendri cream EE stands for Extra exfoliating . The principle is different from the three previous products containing moisturizer , spf and colors like cream foundation .

Products named previse EE MarineGranules it is not make- up , skin care products instead . Quoted WWD , the workings of EE cream is mixed with commonly used cleaners . Its function is to further remove impurities and dead skin cells .

" Designed for skin care , make- up instead . Companies decided to use the name with the letter to market the product , " said Sean Patrick Harrington , founder and chief executive officer of previse .

Exfoliate creams are created from plants that come from the sea . Claimed , the product will be released in March is able to cleanse the skin more deeply .

Even so , many beauty blogs and websites found the product is not so important to have. That's because , previously , there are several products that have similar benefits . Previously there peeling product that can be used alone in the house . There is also a product called Clarisonic , an electronic brush to clean the face .

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