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How to Cook It Can Accelerate Aging Skin

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How to Cook It Can Accelerate Aging Skin

How to cook it can Affect a person's skin condition. Process food by baking, making skin wrinkles faster than boil .

A new technology has scanners reveal skin damage that occurs as a result of cooking with grilled and fried way . The scanner tools check the health condition of the skin by means of measuring the level of Advannced Glycation End -products ( AGEs ) in the body .

AGEs are compounds that are destructive . In high concentrations , AGEs may accelerate aging of the skin and are usually formed when food is cooked at high temperatures - caused by a reaction between carbohydrates ( sugars and starches ) and high-temperature protein or fat .

As well as body mass index and blood pressure , levels of AGEs also be a marker of health conditions . It is important to know the level of AGEs because it helps you choose healthier lifestyles .

Research conducted Morinda - brand provider of healthcare products from America - shows that AGEs are absorbed into the body through food . If too many , these compounds will cause wrinkles and skin sag due to damage collagen and elastin , two components that make the skin look younger .

As quoted by the Daily Mail , the research also revealed that cooking habits greatly affect the changes in the level of AGEs . Searing, grilling , broiling ( cooking on the stove ) and cook food at very high temperatures would produce more AGEs than steaming , boiling or process them at low temperatures .

For example , the content of AGEs in the piece of chicken breast will be twice as much when cooked in the microwave , but it could be three times as much when baked in the oven . The food portions are charred or scorched marker already high levels of AGEs . In essence , higher temperatures and longer heating , the more the content of AGEs her .

In addition to how to cook , reduce the levels of AGEs in the body can be performed with exercise or fitness . If the body's metabolism increases and the energy burned , the excess sugar and carbohydrates in the body also decreases . AGEs formation was reduced. Another measure is to sleep enough , controlling stress levels and limit the consumption of alcohol and cigarettes .

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