Tips To Make Women Look Graceful

Tips To Make Women Look Graceful - Women who want to appear gracious not to wear expensive and well paced. Pretty woman with a gentle manner and not wearing makeup too flashy.

Tips To Make Women Look Graceful

image gracefull woman

1. Neat
Most important, the woman she had to be neat. The outward appearance that neatly can improve self-esteem.

2. an upright posture
Do not bend, the back should be upright.

3. Note the gait
Gait is right, you just move your legs, but not the head, hips, or hands. It looks strange when a woman runs off while waving and legs wobbling.

4. Attitude
Your attitude should be restrained and not indiscriminate. If you agree, a slight nod. This also applies to the movement of the hand. Waves hand movements better calm rather than moving the entire arm.

5. neutral Makeup
Makeup don't vulkar or too provocative. A woman she did not attract the attention of people with makeup that is too bright.

6. According to age
The appearance of a woman she had to be in accordance with the age and events.

7. Colorful
Do not combine more than three colors in one penampolan. This seems to have become the classic rules.

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